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Welcome to the July 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture Magazine


In this month's issue we look at:


SMARTPHONE NAVIGATION - Are the current crop of Navigation Apps for your Smartphone any good? 


WHY DO WE WEAR GEAR? - Most of us know that riding is hazardous, but why exactly do we wear protective gear and what’s it for?


EXCUSES EXCUSES - Some riders opt to wear no protective gear at all. What are some of the excuses they use to justify this? 


THE REAL COST OF RIDING - For anyone who thinks that owning a motorcycle is an inexpensive pastime it’s probably best to read this article.


GPS vs SMARTPHONE - When riders venture further afield they will rely on a navigation device to plan their route. However, what’s better? An App on your Smartphone or a dedicated GPS unit?


OLD DUKES NEVER DIE - We interview a charming gentleman who is quite restoring old Ducatis to all their former glory. 


LIFE LESSONS - Motorcycling can teach us a lot about life. Here’s a few unexpected benefits that can be gained from riding that actual teach us some life lessons.  


A RARE OPPORTUNITY - We profile two spectacular Royal Enfield Bullets. We did an article about the owner last year which you can reach in the September 2020 issue. These bikes are currently available for sale and its a very rare chance to get hold of one of these classics


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