Welcome to the FEBRUARY 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


With a distinctly aviation theme, we challenge convention once again!

  • CHOCKS AWAY GINGER! - We chat with a rider with hidden depths and a passion for historic aircraft.   

  • ’VERA’ IN THE SKY - As a complementary article, we bring you a brief history of the AVRO Lancaster - the most legendary bomber of WWII.

  • FROM A MUDDY FIELD - We focus on a delightful lady rider who’s passion for motorcycles has taken her from muddy fields to the race track and way beyond.

  • GREEN WITH ENVY - There have been some amazing racing Kawasakis over the years. Here’s a story about the resurrection of the mighty ZX-7R. 

  • FROM AWACS TO RIDE CAPTAIN - We chat with a retired RCAF veteran and discover his passion for motorcycles.

  • THE BEST 4X4XFAR? - The Land Rover Defender is an icon. We drive the new model and tell you what we think.

  • KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - With the launch of the Multistrada V4, is the BMW R1250GS still the King of the Mountain?

  • THE REBEL YELL - With Harley is disarray, Honda steams in with the Rebel 1100. Is this the right bike at the right time?

  • RIDING WITH A PASSENGER - Riding two-up is quite different from riding solo. Here’s a few thoughts before you start carrying a passenger.  

  • HAMILTON TIGER SQUADRON - We chat with Jeff Campagna and find out how Tiger Squadron inspired a bespoke jacket design.

  • NEW BIKES FOR 2021 - There are simply loads of new models for 2021. We don’t want to cover them all, so here’s the best and most notable new motorcycles for 2021.

  • RIDER RADIO ROCKS - Doug Newton is an interesting character. We talk to him about bikes and the launch of RiderRadioRocks.

Welcome to the JANUARY 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

Winter's here ... now what?

We have a real mix of articles for you this month.

  • RIDING IN WINTER - Some do it, some won’t even dream of doing it. But can you ride in the depths of winter?  

  • PROJECT TEAM BUILDING - We take a look at a project that’s in the planning phase that could genuinely make a difference.

  • DO LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES? - Is this an urban myth or is there any truth behind it?

  • THE BRONX - We take a look at the bike Harley should be building, and hope that they still will.

  • GROUP RIDING ETIQUETTE - What do you need to know about group riding?

  • THINGS NOBODY TELLS NEW RIDERS - Riding a motorbike is a dream for many people, but what does nobody tells you about before you take the plunge?

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON PAN AMERICA - A look at the upcoming PanAmerica launch.

  • A RACER IN THE MAKING - Megan interviews a talented young lady with aspirations on becoming a motorbike racer.

  • BUYING A USED MOTORBIKE - When buying a second-hand motorbike, how do you make sure you don’t end up with a lemon?

  • TRIUMPH TRIDENT - One of our contributors went all the way to Tenerife to ride the new Trident. Hear what they have to say about it.

  • MOTORCYCLE PASSIONS - We publish a  message from our readers, giving us their perspective on motorcycling. This is a segment that is proving very popular with our readers.  

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 4 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. This time, he visits Derbyshire, UK on the road less travelled.  Parts 1, 2 & 3 were originally published in our October, November & December Editions


NOVEMBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

Things are changing and traditions are being challenged.

  • THE INDIAN CHALLENGE - We ask Indian Motorcycles to see if they can challenge our perspectives on American Cruisers.  

  • BONNEVILLE BUILD-OFF - We look at the nine finalists, and give you the results of Triumph’s Bonneville Build-off competition. 

  • AMERICAN CRUISERS - They are loud, they are brash and they are everywhere. What exactly is all the fuss about with these anachronistic lumps of Americana?

  • THE HARLEY THAT BMW BUILT - In an exclusive article, we get to ride the BMW R18 and provide our opinion. 

  • SOME OLD SH*T - What can you expect if you ride an old bike? Frustrations, headaches or something very special?

  • 'ICH BIN EIN BERLINER - We examine the BMW R18 from an alternative viewpoint. 

  • IS $500 ENOUGH? - Can we equip ourselves with great motorcycle riding gear for less than $500?

  • RIDING WITH ROYALTY - Brian tells us what it's like to be the owner of a KTM 390 Duke.  

  • GETTING ON TWO WHEELS - We meet David, and ask him about his passion for bikes and where it all started.

  • AFRAID TO LIVE - In a departure from the norm, we publish a couple of messages from our readers that gives us their perspective on why they ride. 

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 2 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. Part 1 was published in the October Issue.

SEPTEMBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • CELEBRATING INNOVATION - We ride the Yamaha Niken and applaud the innovation.

  • CRUISER PHILOSOPHY - We look at Harley Haute Couture and wonder why riders of big cruisers are so insistent on abandoning motorcycle gear!

  • MX RESURGENCE - With a rich history of Motor Cross in Canada, we meet some guys who are reliving the golden days …

  • VINTAGE RIDERS AND THEIR BIKES - We smash the myths of mature riders and look at how they are changing everyone’s perception of what to ride.

  • STURGIS SOUTH DAKOTA - The world’s largest ‘hog fest’ happened in August. We look at the implications and the impact for all riders.

  • FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES - We meet a Canadian diplomat and talk to him about his experiences in foreign climes.

  • STILL WATERS RUN DEEP - A chance meeting with an expert plumber reveals a man of many hidden talents.

  • 10 TIPS FOR NEW RIDERS - The increase in the number of new and returning riders is great news for the sport. We speak to the experts and provide 10 tips to keep safe on a bike.

  • SO YOU THINK YOU CAN RIDE - You’ve just passed your beginners test and have your M2 license … what should you be aware on your motorcycle journey?

Welcome to the DECEMBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

For many riders the season is now over. What do we do now?

In response to numerous requests we have ourselves a bit of a Ducati-fest. What a treat for all motorcycle aficionados!

  • THE DEVIL & THE RAGING BULL - What happens when two giants of automotive performance come together to apply their talents to a motorbike?  

  • SUPER-DUPER SUPERBIKE - A take a look at Kawasaki’s revised ZX-10 and their supercharged ZH2SE.

  • WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? - We interview Damon and hear about their latest developments. What exactly is all the fuss about?

  • COLD WEATHER RIDING - Riding in the winter can be a rewarding experience. Here are a few precautions …

  • TINKER TINKER LITTLE STAR - A few choice modifications can make a huge difference to your safety.

  • NUTCASE OR NECESSITY - Riding through the Canadian winter may seen foolhardy, but we meet someone who does just that.

  • DUCATI PANIGALE V4-SP - OMG, Ducati have resurrected the ‘SP’ designation and boy does it look good.

  • DUCATI PANIGALE V2 - Overlooked and Overshadowed. What is the V2 like?

  • BOUTIQUE BIKES - We look at Herald Motor Co. and the lovely little bikes that they produce.

  • HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - A few ideas for gifts for the motorcyclist.

  • MOTORCYCLE PASSIONS - We publish three messages from our readers, giving us their perspective on motorcycling. Frieda provides us with a poem, David gets psychological and Greaser borders on etherial.

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 3 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. In this episode he goes soul searching and visits some incredible places on the road less travelled.

OCTOBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

In this issue our focus is on Adventure Touring. 


  • ADVENTURE BIKES - What’s all the fuss about and why is this such a growth sector

  • TOP 10 HEAVY-WEIGHTS - We look at finest Adventure-Touring bikes in the premier heavyweight category. Forget the hype from the manufacturers … which ones are the really the best?  

  • HIBERNATION - Are you putting your bike away for winter? This guide will give you some practical advice on keeping the bike in tip-top condition until the spring.

  • TOP 5 MIDDLE-WEIGHTS - In that sector between lightweight off-road machines and heavyweight continental tourers there exists the middleweight dual-sport bikes. We try five of them and provide our verdict.

  • WHY HAVE A BIKE IN CANADA? - For about five months a year, Canada’s climate is at odds with motorcycles. We ask if there’s any point owning a bike in Canada.

  • TOP 8 LIGHT-WEIGHTS - If you fancy a spot of adventure-touring why buy anything other than a lightweight? Are these smaller bikes up to the task?

  • GEAR GUIDE FOR COLD WEATHER - We provide our guide for the finest riding gear when the weather turns decidedly chilly.

  • PACKING THE PANNIERS - What do you pack in those panniers for trouble-free adventure-touring?

JULY 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • GET LOST! -  We visit Backroad Motor Coffee Company near Toronto …  

  • GO YOUR OWN WAY! - We interview a fascinating lady who's living her life her way, and sharing her experiences on YouTube …

  • MOTORCYCLE ART - We interview the owner of two spectacular MV Agustas …

  • A RIDER AND AN ARTIST - A motorcyclist with some amazing hidden talents…

  • A TIME OF HEROES - We meet an Australian, living in Canada, riding a simply lovely 1941 American Indian Scout 741. With such an eclectic mix of cultural influences we wondered what’s behind the story?

  • PARADISE LOST? - One of our friends shares his reminiscing of a time before CoVid-19 and a memorable trip to the Azores …

  • THE FUTURE OF MOTORCYCLING (Part 1) - Motorcycling is a dynamic and fragile industry. In this first of a series of articles, we put motorcycling under the microscope to analyze the trends and look to the future.

  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! - We look at the state of Canadian Motorcycle Insurance and compare this with Europe. Why are we being ripped off?

  • GEAR GUIDE - When the weather gets hotter than a snakes ass ... what can you do to keep cool? We look at some specialized gear and offer some practical advice.

MAY 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • THE CORONA VIRUS - CoVid19 has had a paralyzing effect on all riders around the world. The impact of this deadly global pandemic will doubtless change all of our lives forever… 

  • HONDA CX650 CAFÉ RACER - For anyone considering a custom build project, we take a look at a wonderful cafe racer creation. This little beauty is based upon the humble Honda CX650… 

  • THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE - For aficionados of Italian exotica, we talk to bike collector Steve and discuss his fine stable of two-wheeled Italian machinery… Read More

  • TRIUMPH’S BONNEVILLES - We look at incarnations from Triumph’s Bonneville range. Which one would you choose? … 

  • GEAR GUIDE - For riders of Café Racers & Cruisers, we have suggestions for ‘gearing up’ your wardrobe… 

  • CAFFEINE & GASOLINE - We visit the Steeltown Garage Co. in Hamilton…

AUGUST 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

  • TRIUMPH ROCKET III - We ride the latest incarnation of the Rocket, and assess who it’s for and why it exists in the first place …

  • DAMON INNOVATION - If you thought you knew what the future of motorbikes has in store for us, take a look at this!  

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT BIKE - With so many bikes on offer, it’s a bewildering prospect to find the ideal bike for you. We offer some practical help with our in-depth guide …

  • MOTORBIKE FINANCE - How are you going to pay for that new bike? This article examines the financing options available to you.

  • OMG! IT’S THE OPP! - The Hamilton Police Service and their insights for motorcyclists …

  • SIMPLY MOTO - Buying quality motorcycle gear in Canada is surprisingly hard.  We look at a special little store that seems to have the formula exactly right.

  • BUYING A BULLET IN BENARES - Our colleague, BK Rivers, recalls a trip he took to the holy city of Benares in India, and an encounter with a Bullet.

  • HARLEY DAVIDSON V-ROD - We meet a lady who has her hands on a rather special 100th anniversary model of the V-Rod.

  • COLONIAL FRONTAGE - Back in the UK, we a visit to a café and overhear a conversation between three fascinating British ex-army officers. A story to entertain and amuse you!

  • DETOUR TO DUNDAS - We visit a delightful café in Dundas offering great coffee…

JUNE 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

In this issue we focus on Big Cruisers and feature some spectacular examples of the genre.


  • AGENT ORANGE -  A very special Harley Road Glide, that's Proudly Canadian … 

  • HARLEY DAVIDSON, DEAD & LOVING IT! - With so much corporate upheaval,  where does that leave Harley Davidson now?… 

  • A WHITER SHADE OF PALE - A stylish Indian Chieftain with a twist in the tail…

  • SHOUT AT THE DEVIL - We look at what it’s like to live with Ducati’s ultra-rare Diavel Strada Especiale. We interview an owner to get his insights…

  • HARLEY CVO - We look at the ultra premium Harley CVO …

  • BAHN STORMER - A classic sports touring BMW that is frozen in time…

  • HEART OF THE SUNRISE - A totally sorted Harley Street Glide Special …

  • THE UNEXPECTED TOURER - A look at Kawasaki’s versatile and capable H2-SX… 

  • GEAR GUIDE - For riders of Adventure Bikes and Tourers, we have suggestions for ‘gearing up’ your wardrobe… 

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