Welcome to the APRIL 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • WHO RIDES BIKES?- We take a light-hearted look at the different types of riders. Which category are you?   

  • WHERE DID ALL THE PLASTICS GO? - A commentary on the world of motorbike fairings and the impact on insurance premiums.

  • WHAT’S THE MEANING OF COLOUR? - Ever wondered why so many bikes are black? What does colour say about you and your bike?

  • RIDERS PERSONALITY TRAITS - What are the personality traits of riders? We chat with Dr. Evan Jones of Bristol University to get some insights. 

  • CB or NOT CB? - In a follow-up article from February 2021’s edition, we look at Craigs complete collection of 1970s Honda CBs. 

  • INDIAN CHIEF - The new 2021 Indian Chief is here. We get to ride the thing and ask whether it’s actually any good.

  • THE CAPTAIN & THE TAIL GUNNER - Leading group rides is an important role and often taken for granted. John tells us what’s involved to be a good Ride Captain.

  • MOTORCYCLE REPUBLIC - Let’s introduce you to Mathieu. He’s a Master Technician who’s putting customer service back into motorcycle servicing in Southern Ontario. 

  • RESTLESS AND UNSTOPPABLE - We interview Jon, a 66 year old rider who’s simply unstoppable. No matter what challenge life throws in his way, he finds a way to get on his bike.  

  • LADIES MOTORCYCLE JACKETS - Kath brings us a terrific article about the best motorcycle jackets designed specifically for ladies.

  • BEST SMALL CAPACITY BIKES - These bikes may be small in capacity but they are big in capability. Here's the best small and medium sized bikes for 2021

Welcome to the MARCH 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

Not Long now! 

  • FUELL FOR THOUGHT - We chat with Erik Buell - yes, the Erik Buell - and find out about his latest venture. Fuell Motorcycles.   

  • THE MAN AND THE MACHINES - In a complementary article, we find out more about Erik Buell, his motorbikes, career and passions.

  • 2021 TRIUMPH BONNEVILLES - We look at the updates to the Triumph Bonneville range and provide help with how to select the one that best suits you.

  • THE FALCON HUNTS AGAIN - Suzuki have just laughed generation 3 of the Hayabusa. But what’s it really like? 

  • WHAT’S IN A NAME? - Some bikes are given model names, but do we know what that means?

  • GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY - We interview the lead singer of BigMotorGasoline (who?) and discover a passion for bikes and southern rock.

  • READY TO RIDE? - The new season is almost upon us. Here are some tips to prep your bike.

  • POPULARITY OF ADVENTURE BIKES - It’s the most popular sector of motorcycling and its growing consistently, but why is it so?

  • THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY - The Harley-Davidson Pan America adventure bike is finally here. Here’s our extensive first impressions review.  

  • ERIK’S LEGACY - In the third article related to Erik Buell, we look at the new company that continues his legacy.

  • TWO UP - What are the best bikes for riding two-up? This list may surprise you.


Welcome to the FEBRUARY 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


With a distinctly aviation theme, we challenge convention once again!

  • CHOCKS AWAY GINGER! - We chat with a rider with hidden depths and a passion for historic aircraft.   

  • ’VERA’ IN THE SKY - As a complementary article, we bring you a brief history of the AVRO Lancaster - the most legendary bomber of WWII.

  • FROM A MUDDY FIELD - We focus on a delightful lady rider who’s passion for motorcycles has taken her from muddy fields to the race track and way beyond.

  • GREEN WITH ENVY - There have been some amazing racing Kawasakis over the years. Here’s a story about the resurrection of the mighty ZX-7R. 

  • FROM AWACS TO RIDE CAPTAIN - We chat with a retired RCAF veteran and discover his passion for motorcycles.

  • THE BEST 4X4XFAR? - The Land Rover Defender is an icon. We drive the new model and tell you what we think.

  • KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - With the launch of the Multistrada V4, is the BMW R1250GS still the King of the Mountain?

  • THE REBEL YELL - With Harley is disarray, Honda steams in with the Rebel 1100. Is this the right bike at the right time?

  • RIDING WITH A PASSENGER - Riding two-up is quite different from riding solo. Here’s a few thoughts before you start carrying a passenger.  

  • HAMILTON TIGER SQUADRON - We chat with Jeff Campagna and find out how Tiger Squadron inspired a bespoke jacket design.

  • NEW BIKES FOR 2021 - There are simply loads of new models for 2021. We don’t want to cover them all, so here’s the best and most notable new motorcycles for 2021.

  • RIDER RADIO ROCKS - Doug Newton is an interesting character. We talk to him about bikes and the launch of RiderRadioRocks.

Welcome to the JANUARY 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

Winter's here ... now what?

We have a real mix of articles for you this month.

  • RIDING IN WINTER - Some do it, some won’t even dream of doing it. But can you ride in the depths of winter?  

  • PROJECT TEAM BUILDING - We take a look at a project that’s in the planning phase that could genuinely make a difference.

  • DO LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES? - Is this an urban myth or is there any truth behind it?

  • THE BRONX - We take a look at the bike Harley should be building, and hope that they still will.

  • GROUP RIDING ETIQUETTE - What do you need to know about group riding?

  • THINGS NOBODY TELLS NEW RIDERS - Riding a motorbike is a dream for many people, but what does nobody tells you about before you take the plunge?

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON PAN AMERICA - A look at the upcoming PanAmerica launch.

  • A RACER IN THE MAKING - Megan interviews a talented young lady with aspirations on becoming a motorbike racer.

  • BUYING A USED MOTORBIKE - When buying a second-hand motorbike, how do you make sure you don’t end up with a lemon?

  • TRIUMPH TRIDENT - One of our contributors went all the way to Tenerife to ride the new Trident. Hear what they have to say about it.

  • MOTORCYCLE PASSIONS - We publish a  message from our readers, giving us their perspective on motorcycling. This is a segment that is proving very popular with our readers.  

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 4 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. This time, he visits Derbyshire, UK on the road less travelled.  Parts 1, 2 & 3 were originally published in our October, November & December Editions



NOVEMBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

Things are changing and traditions are being challenged.

  • THE INDIAN CHALLENGE - We ask Indian Motorcycles to see if they can challenge our perspectives on American Cruisers.  

  • BONNEVILLE BUILD-OFF - We look at the nine finalists, and give you the results of Triumph’s Bonneville Build-off competition. 

  • AMERICAN CRUISERS - They are loud, they are brash and they are everywhere. What exactly is all the fuss about with these anachronistic lumps of Americana?

  • THE HARLEY THAT BMW BUILT - In an exclusive article, we get to ride the BMW R18 and provide our opinion. 

  • SOME OLD SH*T - What can you expect if you ride an old bike? Frustrations, headaches or something very special?

  • 'ICH BIN EIN BERLINER - We examine the BMW R18 from an alternative viewpoint. 

  • IS $500 ENOUGH? - Can we equip ourselves with great motorcycle riding gear for less than $500?

  • RIDING WITH ROYALTY - Brian tells us what it's like to be the owner of a KTM 390 Duke.  

  • GETTING ON TWO WHEELS - We meet David, and ask him about his passion for bikes and where it all started.

  • AFRAID TO LIVE - In a departure from the norm, we publish a couple of messages from our readers that gives us their perspective on why they ride. 

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 2 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. Part 1 was published in the October Issue.

SEPTEMBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • CELEBRATING INNOVATION - We ride the Yamaha Niken and applaud the innovation.

  • CRUISER PHILOSOPHY - We look at Harley Haute Couture and wonder why riders of big cruisers are so insistent on abandoning motorcycle gear!

  • MX RESURGENCE - With a rich history of Motor Cross in Canada, we meet some guys who are reliving the golden days …

  • VINTAGE RIDERS AND THEIR BIKES - We smash the myths of mature riders and look at how they are changing everyone’s perception of what to ride.

  • STURGIS SOUTH DAKOTA - The world’s largest ‘hog fest’ happened in August. We look at the implications and the impact for all riders.

  • FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES - We meet a Canadian diplomat and talk to him about his experiences in foreign climes.

  • STILL WATERS RUN DEEP - A chance meeting with an expert plumber reveals a man of many hidden talents.

  • 10 TIPS FOR NEW RIDERS - The increase in the number of new and returning riders is great news for the sport. We speak to the experts and provide 10 tips to keep safe on a bike.

  • SO YOU THINK YOU CAN RIDE - You’ve just passed your beginners test and have your M2 license … what should you be aware on your motorcycle journey?


Welcome to the DECEMBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

For many riders the season is now over. What do we do now?

In response to numerous requests we have ourselves a bit of a Ducati-fest. What a treat for all motorcycle aficionados!

  • THE DEVIL & THE RAGING BULL - What happens when two giants of automotive performance come together to apply their talents to a motorbike?  

  • SUPER-DUPER SUPERBIKE - A take a look at Kawasaki’s revised ZX-10 and their supercharged ZH2SE.

  • WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? - We interview Damon and hear about their latest developments. What exactly is all the fuss about?

  • COLD WEATHER RIDING - Riding in the winter can be a rewarding experience. Here are a few precautions …

  • TINKER TINKER LITTLE STAR - A few choice modifications can make a huge difference to your safety.

  • NUTCASE OR NECESSITY - Riding through the Canadian winter may seen foolhardy, but we meet someone who does just that.

  • DUCATI PANIGALE V4-SP - OMG, Ducati have resurrected the ‘SP’ designation and boy does it look good.

  • DUCATI PANIGALE V2 - Overlooked and Overshadowed. What is the V2 like?

  • BOUTIQUE BIKES - We look at Herald Motor Co. and the lovely little bikes that they produce.

  • HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - A few ideas for gifts for the motorcyclist.

  • MOTORCYCLE PASSIONS - We publish three messages from our readers, giving us their perspective on motorcycling. Frieda provides us with a poem, David gets psychological and Greaser borders on etherial.

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 3 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. In this episode he goes soul searching and visits some incredible places on the road less travelled.

OCTOBER 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

In this issue our focus is on Adventure Touring. 


  • ADVENTURE BIKES - What’s all the fuss about and why is this such a growth sector

  • TOP 10 HEAVY-WEIGHTS - We look at finest Adventure-Touring bikes in the premier heavyweight category. Forget the hype from the manufacturers … which ones are the really the best?  

  • HIBERNATION - Are you putting your bike away for winter? This guide will give you some practical advice on keeping the bike in tip-top condition until the spring.

  • TOP 5 MIDDLE-WEIGHTS - In that sector between lightweight off-road machines and heavyweight continental tourers there exists the middleweight dual-sport bikes. We try five of them and provide our verdict.

  • WHY HAVE A BIKE IN CANADA? - For about five months a year, Canada’s climate is at odds with motorcycles. We ask if there’s any point owning a bike in Canada.

  • TOP 8 LIGHT-WEIGHTS - If you fancy a spot of adventure-touring why buy anything other than a lightweight? Are these smaller bikes up to the task?

  • GEAR GUIDE FOR COLD WEATHER - We provide our guide for the finest riding gear when the weather turns decidedly chilly.

  • PACKING THE PANNIERS - What do you pack in those panniers for trouble-free adventure-touring?


JULY 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • GET LOST! -  We visit Backroad Motor Coffee Company near Toronto …  

  • GO YOUR OWN WAY! - We interview a fascinating lady who's living her life her way, and sharing her experiences on YouTube …

  • MOTORCYCLE ART - We interview the owner of two spectacular MV Agustas …

  • A RIDER AND AN ARTIST - A motorcyclist with some amazing hidden talents…

  • A TIME OF HEROES - We meet an Australian, living in Canada, riding a simply lovely 1941 American Indian Scout 741. With such an eclectic mix of cultural influences we wondered what’s behind the story?

  • PARADISE LOST? - One of our friends shares his reminiscing of a time before CoVid-19 and a memorable trip to the Azores …

  • THE FUTURE OF MOTORCYCLING (Part 1) - Motorcycling is a dynamic and fragile industry. In this first of a series of articles, we put motorcycling under the microscope to analyze the trends and look to the future.

  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! - We look at the state of Canadian Motorcycle Insurance and compare this with Europe. Why are we being ripped off?

  • GEAR GUIDE - When the weather gets hotter than a snakes ass ... what can you do to keep cool? We look at some specialized gear and offer some practical advice.


MAY 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • THE CORONA VIRUS - CoVid19 has had a paralyzing effect on all riders around the world. The impact of this deadly global pandemic will doubtless change all of our lives forever… 

  • HONDA CX650 CAFÉ RACER - For anyone considering a custom build project, we take a look at a wonderful cafe racer creation. This little beauty is based upon the humble Honda CX650… 

  • THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE - For aficionados of Italian exotica, we talk to bike collector Steve and discuss his fine stable of two-wheeled Italian machinery… Read More

  • TRIUMPH’S BONNEVILLES - We look at incarnations from Triumph’s Bonneville range. Which one would you choose? … 

  • GEAR GUIDE - For riders of Café Racers & Cruisers, we have suggestions for ‘gearing up’ your wardrobe… 

  • CAFFEINE & GASOLINE - We visit the Steeltown Garage Co. in Hamilton…

AUGUST 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

  • TRIUMPH ROCKET III - We ride the latest incarnation of the Rocket, and assess who it’s for and why it exists in the first place …

  • DAMON INNOVATION - If you thought you knew what the future of motorbikes has in store for us, take a look at this!  

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT BIKE - With so many bikes on offer, it’s a bewildering prospect to find the ideal bike for you. We offer some practical help with our in-depth guide …

  • MOTORBIKE FINANCE - How are you going to pay for that new bike? This article examines the financing options available to you.

  • OMG! IT’S THE OPP! - The Hamilton Police Service and their insights for motorcyclists …

  • SIMPLY MOTO - Buying quality motorcycle gear in Canada is surprisingly hard.  We look at a special little store that seems to have the formula exactly right.

  • BUYING A BULLET IN BENARES - Our colleague, BK Rivers, recalls a trip he took to the holy city of Benares in India, and an encounter with a Bullet.

  • HARLEY DAVIDSON V-ROD - We meet a lady who has her hands on a rather special 100th anniversary model of the V-Rod.

  • COLONIAL FRONTAGE - Back in the UK, we a visit to a café and overhear a conversation between three fascinating British ex-army officers. A story to entertain and amuse you!

  • DETOUR TO DUNDAS - We visit a delightful café in Dundas offering great coffee…

JUNE 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!

In this issue we focus on Big Cruisers and feature some spectacular examples of the genre.


  • AGENT ORANGE -  A very special Harley Road Glide, that's Proudly Canadian … 

  • HARLEY DAVIDSON, DEAD & LOVING IT! - With so much corporate upheaval,  where does that leave Harley Davidson now?… 

  • A WHITER SHADE OF PALE - A stylish Indian Chieftain with a twist in the tail…

  • SHOUT AT THE DEVIL - We look at what it’s like to live with Ducati’s ultra-rare Diavel Strada Especiale. We interview an owner to get his insights…

  • HARLEY CVO - We look at the ultra premium Harley CVO …

  • BAHN STORMER - A classic sports touring BMW that is frozen in time…

  • HEART OF THE SUNRISE - A totally sorted Harley Street Glide Special …

  • THE UNEXPECTED TOURER - A look at Kawasaki’s versatile and capable H2-SX… 

  • GEAR GUIDE - For riders of Adventure Bikes and Tourers, we have suggestions for ‘gearing up’ your wardrobe…