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Listed below is an overview of the content for each edition of the Magazine.

May 2024 Cover.jpg

MAY 2024

  • ORIANA - We have a wonderful chat with a new rider called Oriana. What she had to say about riding, the culture and the community is not what we expected. 

  • BUYING CRITERIA - When buying a new bike what do you look for and what influences the decision? Here are the result of the survey that we conducted over the winter - in which we looked at the most important criteria in the deciding which bike to buy.   

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT BIKE - These days there’s probably no such thing as a ‘Bad Bike’, there’s just bikes that are bad for you. In this detailed article we look at how you can you decide which bike is going to be right for you and your needs.  

  • WE FORGOT TO MENTION … There are plenty of things about motorcycling that many only discover after they start riding. Here are some of the things that we wish we had known before we started.

  • THE REAL COST OF RIDING - So you thought riding a motorcycle was inexpensive did you? Excuse us while we try to control our laughter. In this article we detail the real cost of riding and what to look out for

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON CVO ST - This is the most powerful production Harley ever made, but is it Hogtastic or just a Pig with lipstick?

  • TORONTO MOTO SOCIAL - The Moto Social events have grown enormously in popularity but is the original essence still there, or is it becoming increasingly lacklustre?

  • MOTORCYCLE CULTURE - Motorcycle culture is constantly evolving, but the influences of the past are still there. What are the enduring elements that remain alive and kicking? 

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WINTER 2023/4

  • The Windchill Factor - We’ve all heard about the windchill factor, but do we really know what it is and the effect it has on riders? 

  • Packing the Panniers - Riding in winter needs special preparation. What do we recommend that you carry in your panniers to deal with common issues?  

  • Riding in Winter - How do you prepare for riding your motorcycle in winter? 

  • BigMotorGasoline - Have you heard this Canadian Band’s new album? It’s well worth a listen as its something a little different.

  • HIBERNATION - If you prefer not to ride in Winter, what do you need to do to tuck your bike away in storage? With a few precautions and some planning you’ll be all set.

  • Riding in Winter - Here’s a few practical tips and plenty of guidance for riding your bike in winter conditions. 

  • Heated Motorcycle Gear - We look at what’s on offer for heated gear.  Is this stuff any good, what options are available or is it all just a waste of money?

  • WINTER Gear Guide - This edition wouldn’t be complete without our guide for the best motorcycle gear for riding in Winter. 


MAY/JUNE 2023 - Pt 2

  • The ‘Cormier’ Harley - Here we have a tastefully customized Harley-Davidson with an exceptional attention to detail.      

  • Harley-Davidson CVO - It had to happen eventually … Harley has finally put some effort into modernizing their big heavy cruisers. The new CVOs have some interesting features, but is it good enough to keep pace with the competition?    

  • Motorcycle Evolutions - What are the best innovations of the motorcycle? We look at how modern motorcycles have evolved and the evolutions that have made the biggest difference.

  • Comfortable Superbikes - Superbikes are not exactly known for their comfort. We take a look at the current crop and rank their overall comfort accordingly. 

  • Valkyrie Fitness Programme- We have launched a fitness programme that’s been specially designed for Riders. 

  • The Perils of buying used - Michelle brings us an insightful look at the trials and tribulations of buying a used motorcycle. The challenges may well surprise you. 

  • BMW M1000R - BMW’s ‘M’ division has turned its attention to motorcycles. We ride the M1000R super-naked and see what delights it may have in store.

  • BMW M1000RR - This is a wonderful photoshoot of the M1000RR superbike. It’s motorcycle ‘porn’ at its finest.

  • Tailored to Perfection - a Look at the dying art of custom denim.

cover instagram.jpg

MARCH 2023

In this Special Edition we celebrate Lady Riders, and bring you some remarkable stories about some of the ladies who inspire us.​

dec 2022 cover.jpg


  • WHAT ARE BEGINNER'S BIKES? - We all think we know exactly what a beginner bike is, but is there really such a thing? 

  • NEW RIDERS BUYING MISTAKES - With so much contradictory information, is there any wonder that new riders make so many mistakes? 

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT BIKE - What’s the bike that’s right for you? How do the pick the one that fits your lifestyle and riding aspirations? 

  • THE REAL COST OF RIDING - Do you know how much its going to cost to own, ride and maintain a motorbike? We shatter the myths and give you all the information you need to know.

  • ENGINE TYPES - There are far more different types of motorcycle engine than you may imagine. We detail the most common and highlight their relative strengths and weaknesses.

  • CHAINS BELTS & SHAFTS- Dominatrix or a motorcycle final drive. Do you know what they let alone the respective pros and cons? 

  • THE POWER CURVE - There’s so much total bollox about horsepower and torque, its time to tell it like it is. What is the formula for maximum thrills?.

  • WINTERIZE YOUR BIKE - How do you properly store your bike for the winter? With a few precautions and some planning you’ll be all set. 

  • 7 SIGNS YOU'RE A SHIT RIDER - How can you spot that your riding skills need improvement. Check out these simple indicators and how you can correct them.

magazine cover - july2022.jpg

JULY 2022

  • BMW K1600GTL - Its been around since 2016 and its been updated for 2022, but is this huge BMW touring bike the very best of the best?

  • YAMAHA YZF-R7 - We provide you with a detailed review of the all-new Yamaha YZF-R7. Its a sports-bike for the streets but does it live up to the ‘R’ name? 

  • YAMAHA MT-10SP - What happens when you take the engine and chassis from an YZF-R1, strip off the bodywork and modify the ergonomics?  You end up with the new MT-10SP. We get one on long-term test and tell you all about this beast. 

  • KNUCKLE - Where do you go in Canada if you’re looking for events, local dealerships and riding groups? We partner with this wonderful little company to provide an ideal resource for Canadian riders.

  • NIAGARA MOTO GIRLS - Ladies are the fastest-growing segment in motorcycling. We meet with the Niagara Moto Girls - a ladies riding group based in Ontario, Canada and find out what they’re all about. 

  • SHANE BISHOP - We chat with Shane, a Canadian motorcycle racer. This is his ‘rookie’ season and, of the three racers he’s entered, he’s made the podium twice.  

  • WHAT’S IN A NAME? - Some motorbikes have names. We look at some of them and ask where the names come from and what they mean.

may2022 cover part 2.jpg

MAY 2022 - Part 2

  • LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK - They’re small, they’re easy to ride and they cost pennies to run. But are Honda’s miniMOTOs any good? 

  • LIGHTWEIGHT ADVENTURE - ADVs are one of the most popular sectors of motorcycling. We take a look at the market for light-weight off-road bikes and bring our top picks. \

  • WHAT TYPE OF RIDER ARE YOU? - There are so many different types of rider that we’ve decided to compile a list. In this light-hearted article, can you spot yourself? 

  • BSA GOLD STAR - BSA are back and under new ownership. We take a look at the new Gold Star and wonder whether this a bike that’s actually worth waiting for? 

  • BSA GOLD STAR UPDATE - We were promised that the Gold Star would be in showrooms by March 2022. Here we are in May and there’s no sign of them. What’s going on at BSA?

  • HONDA SUPER CUB CUSTOMS - In a pictorial article, we look at some of the best custom Super Cubs. It’s quite amazing what owners are capable of achieving. 

March 2022 cover.jpg

MARCH 2022

  • BRABUS 1300R - Brabus the German custom car builder has partnered with KTM to build a limited edition motorcycle called the Brabus 1300R. It’s based in the KTM 1290 SuperDuke so we couldn’t wait to see the outcome.

  • BEST TOURING BIKES FOR 2022 - With the riding season just around the corner, we take a look at the top 8 new touring bikes for 2022. We assess them and give you our thoughts.

  • TRIUMPH TIGER SPORT 660 - OK, it’s been hyped-up ever since it was announced last year. But what exactly is the Tiger 660 all about and what’s it like to ride?

  • SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS - We’ve pulled together a section of some of our favourite custom shops. Bike builders who fabricate exquisite hand-built motorcycles. Indulge yourself and get inspiration for a project you may have.  

  • MY RIDING GEAR - David shares the details of his riding gear with us. Yes he’s made some mistakes along the way, but what does motorcycle gear does he wear when he’s riding and what advice does he have to help you select what’s right for you?

  • TRIUMPH BREITLING - Two style icons some together to create a limited edition bike based on the Triumph Speed Twin. We take a detailed look at the result and ask the questions that no one else dares to ask.

  • BATTLE OF THE BAGGERS - They’re big, they’re brash, they’re loud and ostentatious. In a very detailed back-to back test we examine three premium Baggers and give you our assessment. Are they just oversized, over-priced anachronisms or are they any good? 

December 2021 Cover photo.jpg


  • ATTACK OF THE CLONES - The Motorcycle Companies increasingly use standardized components to bring us 'so called' new models. But what does this mean for consumers? ​​

  • THE TOP 7 MOST OVER-HYPED MOTORCYCLES - we're all use to hearing the outlandish and exaggerated claims that manufacturers make about their bikes. But which ones are truly over-hyped and fall short of expectations?

  • TOP UNDER-APPRECIATED BIKES - The market is full of great bikes that somehow fly under the radar. Which bikes are truly under-appreciated and worthy of consideration?

  • THE REAL DEAL - Sometimes there are bikes that live up to expectations and all the hype that they receive. Here's our list of bikes that are as good as the hype that surrounds them. 

  • THE CUSTOM SCENE - With standardized components & the electric bikes, what does that mean for the future of the custom scene?  

  • BMW OWNERSHIP - In the 4th of a series of articles, David takes his new BMW R1250RT on tour and discovers something unexpected.

  • MOTORCYCLING IN WINTER - Are you going to put your bike in storage or are you going to ride it? We give you a series of articles about motorcycling in the winter months. 

  • THE JOY OF LIVE MUSIC - It's back and we've missed it. We bring you our thoughts on a gig we went to and the impact it had on us.

SEPTEMBER 2021.jpg


  • BMW BOXER CUP - A little-known classic from the German stable that holds a few surprises.. 

  • 20 QUESTIONS - What are the stupidest questions that riders get asked? Here's our selection. 

  • MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES - We all love to accessorize our bikes. However, some accessories are a little less useful than others. Here’s a light-hearted take on the most pointless items you can buy on Amazon right now.. 

  • MEGAN’S RIDING GEAR - Megan gives us an insight into her personal riding gear and why she chose it all.

  • KAWASAKI VERSYS 650LT - In response to your request, we take a look at an affordable and capable touring bike. The Kawasaki Versys 650.

  • BMW OWNERSHIP - David has purchased a brand new BMW R1250RT. Over the coming months we'll take a deep dive into what it's like to own and run.

  • ONE FOR THE LADIES - In an accompanying article for the 20 stupidest questions, we focus on the stupid and inappropriate questions that lady riders get asked. 

  • THE PIPER DOVES - We meet a scooter club based in Toronto.

  • MOTORCYCLE TRAINING VIDEOS - We look at some British Army Motorcycle Training videos from 1942. These are only available to full members so please consider subscribing. 


JUNE 2021

  • DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN’S RIDE - We participate in the 2021 DGR, meet new friends and try to our bit for this worthy cause. 

  • LIVING WITH THE BMW R-18 - what is the German heavy metal cruiser like to live with?

  • ONE CRAZY EIGHT - We interview Kyle and talk to him about his Hayabusa on the Drag-Strip.

  • SERVICE, WHAT SERVICE? - We take a look at the impact that CoVid has had on service.  

  • EUROPE HITS HARLEY HARD - The EU has just imposed a 56% import duty on Harley-Davidson. What does it mean? 

  • YAMAHA R7 - The new R7 from Yamaha may not be the track-focused missile of its predecessor but just how good is it? 

  • 7 MOTORCYCLE MYTHS - We’re heard them all, but what’s the reality of some of the myths?

  • 11 THINGS NOBODY TELLS YOU - What are some of the things that nobody bothered to tell you about the sport? 

  • PACKING YOUR BIKE FOR A ROAD TRIP - Planning a road trip? What do you take with you?  

  • A LIFE MANY MAY NOT UNDERSTAND - Doug shares the reasons why he rides. 

MARCH 2021.jpg

MARCH 2021

  • FUELL FOR THOUGHT - We chat with Erik Buell - yes, the Erik Buell - and find out about his latest venture. Fuell Motorcycles.   

  • THE MAN AND THE MACHINES - In a complementary article, we find out more about Erik Buell, his motorbikes, career and passions.

  • 2021 TRIUMPH BONNEVILLES - We look at the updates to the Triumph Bonneville range and help you to select the one that best suits you.

  • THE FALCON HUNTS AGAIN - Suzuki have just laughed generation 3 of the Hayabusa. But what’s it really like? 

  • WHAT’S IN A NAME? - Some bikes are given model names, but do we know what that means?

  • GROWING OLD DISGRACEFULLY - We interview the lead singer of BigMotorGasoline (who?) and discover a passion for bikes and southern rock.

  • READY TO RIDE? - The new season is almost upon us. Here are some tips to prep your bike.

  • POPULARITY OF ADVENTURE BIKES - It’s the most popular sector of motorcycling and its growing consistently, but why is it so?

  • THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY - The Harley-Davidson Pan America adventure bike is finally here. Here’s our extensive first impressions review.  

  • ERIK’S LEGACY - In the third article related to Erik Buell, we look at the new company that continues his legacy.

  • TWO UP - What are the best bikes for riding two-up? This list may surprise you.

DECEMBER 2020.jpg


  • THE DEVIL & THE RAGING BULL - What happens when two giants of automotive performance come together to apply their talents to a motorbike?  

  • SUPER-DUPER SUPERBIKE - A take a look at Kawasaki’s revised ZX-10 and their supercharged ZH2SE.

  • WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? - We interview Damon and hear about their latest developments. What exactly is all the fuss about?

  • COLD WEATHER RIDING - Riding in the winter can be a rewarding experience. Here are a few precautions …

  • TINKER TINKER LITTLE STAR - A few choice modifications can make a huge difference to your safety.

  • NUTCASE OR NECESSITY - Riding through the Canadian winter may seen foolhardy, but we meet someone who does just that.

  • DUCATI PANIGALE V4-SP - OMG, Ducati have resurrected the ‘SP’ designation and boy does it look good.

  • BOUTIQUE BIKES - We look at Herald Motor Co. and the lovely little bikes that they produce. 

  • DUCATI PANIGALE V2 - Overlooked and Overshadowed. What is the V2 like?

  • HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - A few ideas for gifts for the motorcyclist.

  • MOTORCYCLE PASSIONS - We publish three messages from our readers, giving us their perspective on motorcycling. Frieda provides us with a poem, David gets psychological and Greaser borders on etherial. 

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 3 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. In this episode he goes soul searching and visits some incredible places on the road less travelled. 

SEPTEMBER 2020.jpg


  • CELEBRATING INNOVATION - We ride the Yamaha Niken and applaud the innovation.

  • CRUISER PHILOSOPHY - We look at Harley Haute Couture and wonder why riders of big cruisers are so insistent on abandoning motorcycle gear!

  • MX RESURGENCE - With a rich history of Motor Cross in Canada, we meet some guys who are reliving the golden days …

  • VINTAGE RIDERS AND THEIR BIKES - We smash the myths of mature riders and look at how they are changing everyone’s perception of what to ride.

  • STURGIS SOUTH DAKOTA - The world’s largest ‘hog fest’ happened in August. We look at the implications and the impact for all riders.

  • FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES - We meet a Canadian diplomat and talk to him about his experiences in foreign climes.

  • STILL WATERS RUN DEEP - A chance meeting with an expert plumber reveals a man of many hidden talents.

  • 10 TIPS FOR NEW RIDERS - The increase in the number of new and returning riders is great news for the sport. We speak to the experts and provide 10 tips to keep safe on a bike.

  • SO YOU THINK YOU CAN RIDE - You’ve just passed your beginners test and have your M2 license … what should you be aware on your motorcycle journey?

JUNE 2020.png

JUNE 2020

  • AGENT ORANGE -  A very special Harley Road Glide, that's Proudly Canadian … 

  • HARLEY DAVIDSON, DEAD & LOVING IT! - With so much corporate upheaval,  where does that leave Harley Davidson now?… 

  • A WHITER SHADE OF PALE - A stylish Indian Chieftain with a twist in the tail…

  • SHOUT AT THE DEVIL - We look at what it’s like to live with Ducati’s ultra-rare Diavel Strada Especiale. We interview an owner to get his insights…

  • HARLEY CVO - We look at the ultra premium Harley CVO …

  • BAHN STORMER - A classic sports touring BMW that is frozen in time…

  • HEART OF THE SUNRISE - A totally sorted Harley Street Glide Special …

  • THE UNEXPECTED TOURER - A look at Kawasaki’s versatile and capable H2-SX… 

  • GEAR GUIDE - For riders of Adventure Bikes and Tourers, we have suggestions for ‘gearing up’ your wardrobe… 

April2024 cover.jpg

APRIL 2024

  • TORONTO SUPERSHOW - Here we go again. Another motorcycle show in Toronto. Are these events actually worth attending anymore or should you just find something else to do?  

  • INDIAN SCOUT - Make no bones about it, Indian’s new Scout is quite an important bike - especially as Harley-Davidson has left a gaping hole in the market with the retirement of their air-cooled Sportster models.    

  • YEAR OF THE DRAGON - We are in the new year, the Chinese year of the wood dragon. This only comes around every 60 years so what does it have in store for us? 

  • SPRUCE UP YOUR HELMET - Time to spring clean your helmet and refresh that smelly thing that’s been hiding in your wardrobe over the winter. Here’s how to do it. 

  • PREP YOUR RIDE - Here’s our guide to getting your bike in tiptop condition for the new riding season.

  • KNOCK YOURSELF OUT - Is there any point to wearing protective riding gear. Plenty of bikers don’t bother so do they have it right or are they playing with fire?

  • REVISITING LONDON (UK) - It’s been a while since we last visited London so where did we go and what did we do? 

  • LONDON FOR RIDERS - If you’re passionate about riding and you’re planning to visit London, you won’t want to miss our recommendations on where to go. 

  • SIMPLY MOTO - That little family-run business in Grimsby, Ontario has just relocated. You won’t believe their new premises

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Line-UP - Here’s an overview of Harley’s new bikes for 2024. What have they been up to now and are they worth looking at?,

cover part2.jpg

AUG/SEPT 2023 - Pt 2

  • BMW R18B - Option 719 - The eagle-eyed amongst you will know that we used this bike during this years’ Toronto Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride. Here is the full review of this BMW behemoth.      

  • BMW R18 100 years Edition - Is this the most beautiful bike that we’ve ever ridden? But looks are only skin deep, so is there more to this bike other than great looks?   

  • BMW R18B - Here’s the competitive landscape for the big BMW. How much of a threat is this to the stereotypical Yank Tanks that dominate the market?

  • BMW R18 100 years - Where does the BMW R18 fit in, who’s it for and what does it compete with?

  • Yamaha Ténéré 700 - Is this the ideal dual sport bike? It’s been around for a while now and is the 2023 model still the benchmark? 

  • From Hospital Bed to Cabot Trail - Jerome journeys Astride the big Africa Twin, ticks his bucket list and takes to the Cabot Trail. 

may_june 2023 cover.jpg

MAY/JUNE 2023 - Pt 1

  • The Valkyrie Programme - Tasha brings us a fitness programme designed specifically for motorcycle riders.     

  • Valkyrie Photoshoot - Here’s a collection of photos from our video shoot for the Valkyrie Programme. 

  • Toronto DGR 2023 - On 21st May 2023 we took part in this years’ Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride - in different global locations. Here’s our report from the Toronto ride.

  • Ladies Gear Guide - Look good and stay protected. Sarah, Megan and Kath pull together some of the best riding gear that’s specifically designed for ladies.

  • Enhancing your Riding Skills - Here’s some practical tips to help you enhance your riding skills.

  • Moto Gymkhana - It started in Japan and now its here. We take a look at the sport of moto gymkhana. If you thought you were a good rider this will take you to the next level.

February 2023 cover.jpg


  • Harley-Davidson 2023 - H-D have released their ‘new’ range for 2023. Depending upon your command of the English language, ‘new’ is a relative and somewhat subjective term. Read the highlights for the 2023 model year.   

  • The New ‘Everyman’ - Sticking with Harley-Davidson, we take a detailed look at the customer demographics and how it’s change over the course of a couple of decades. Who used to buy them and who buys them now?

  • The Best Adventure Bikes - With this popular segment hotting up even more in 2023, what are the best adventure bikes that are currently on offer? 

  • Dash-Cams - We see them everywhere - especially in cars. Now we are seeing them on Motorcycles. we take a look at some of the most popular Motorcycle dash-cams and tell you all you need to know about them.

  • Kawasaki ZX-4RR - We take a look at Kawasaki’s new Ninja ZX-4RR sportsbike. Has this high-revving screamer got what it takes to compete in the growing sportsbike market?

  • Retro Cool - we take a look at the success of Royal Enfield and why retro cool has never been more affordable \

  • Self-Taught Riders - If you're a self-taught rider you'll want to know why you're 12 times more likely to have a rash that riders who've had professional training. 

cover - oct_nov 2022.jpg

OCT/NOV 2022

  • NORTON COMMANDO 961 - We’ve ridden it and here’s our detailed review.

  • COOL BRITANNIA - What’s the status of the British motorcycle industry? Who are the players and the ones to watch? 

  • BSA the Company and the Bike - BSA are new on the scene. There’s new owners and a new bike. But, what’s really going on and what are people saying about it all? 

  • THE BRITISH BIG 4 - We analyze the Big 4 British Brands - BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield and Triumph. What are their relative merits and who should you buy from? 

  • Moto-Kulture MERCHANDISE - We’ve finally given you what you’ve been asking for. We now have a range of Moto-Kulture merchandise for you to buy. There’s everything from teeshirts to smartphone cases. Visit our online store and check it out.

  • SHANE BISHOP- We profile the success of rookie Canadian racer, Shane Bishop. We’re supported him throughout the 2022 season so how did he get on in the race series? 

  • GREG RANDALL- Something a little different for you. We profile writer and rider Greg Randall. He has a new book and we’ll be serializing it over the coming months.

BMW R-18 cover.jpg


  • OVERVIEW OF THE BMW R18s - They’re huge, they’re classically-styled and they are oozing with BMW heritage. We take a look at the R-18 range for 2022. 

  • R-18 TRANSCONTINENTAL - This is the flagship model of the R-18 range. It’s got everything but the kitchen sink and a place to carry one. But is this massive bike any good and will it upset the American cruiser status quo? 

  • R-18 BAGGER - Another rendition of BMW’s R-18 platform, the Bagger is a rather special bike that’s likely to send shock waves in the direction of the American manufacturers. 

  • ICH BIN EIN BERLINER - Here’s a feature to make you think. What is the R-18, how is positioned and what do we like/dislike about it? 

  • THE HARLEY THAT BMW BUILT - The long-awaited BMW R18 is a range of bikes that are surprising and drop-dead gorgeous. The Americans should be very worried indeed. 

  • R-18 LONG TERM TEST - We had a R18 on extended loan from BMW Motorrad. What’s it like to live with?

  • R18 INSPIRATION GUIDE- In a pictorial article, we look at some of the best custom R-18s. By using the R-18 as their donor bike, it’s quite amazing what the specialists have managed to achieve. 

magazine cover may2022 - harley.jpg

MAY 2022 - Part 1

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON NIGHTSTER - The long-awaited new Sportster has finally arrived. But is it any good and what can you expect?

  • ULTIMATE HELMET GUIDE - Do you know what you’re putting on your head when you ride? This is the ultimate guide to helmets to help you buy the right one. 

  • NIGHTSTER vs ROGUE - Two new American bikes - one from Indian and the other from Harley. We put them head-to-head to ask which one is the best.  

  • BEST CAFE RACER HELMETS - If you’re riding a cafe or a cruiser, which are the best helmets? 

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER S - It’s been around for a few months now. We revisit the Sportster S and bring you a detailed review.

  • BEST TOURING HELMETS - If you’re riding a sports-tourer, which are the best helmets? 

  • WHO MAKES THE BEST HELMETS - With so many to choose from, which companies really make the best helmets? We also tell you which ones you should avoid.

  • HARLEY PAN AMERICA - We’ve reviewed it a few times now, but what’s new for 2022 and what improvements have Harley made to their Pan America ‘Trail Glide’?

  • HARLEY vs HARLEY - Harley now has two Sportsters in the 2022 line-up. We compare and contrast the two bikes for you.

  • BSA GOLD STAR UPDATE - OK, BSA. We’re all excited, but where exactly is the damn bike?



  • NEW NAKED BIKES - We take a detailed look at the best new ‘nakeds’ for 2022. Which one would you choose?

  • BSA GOLD STAR - You may have already seen videos of this reborn motorcycle legend, but is this really any good and worthy of your consideration?

  • PLAYING WITH SEMANTICS - Harley-Davidson has launched its full model line-up for 2022. They are boldly claiming that they have launched a series of new motorcycles. Really?! 

  • UNUSUAL RETRO BIKES - Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual motorcycles that fall into this category.  

  • LIFE’S A FUNNY OLD GAME - Over the coming months we embark on the restoration of a Classic Norton. This iconic race bike comes equipped with a ‘blower’ and should be good for 140bhp. Follow us as we restore this little beauty to its former glory.

  • NAKED BIKES PART 2- The ‘Best of the Rest’. They may not have received significant updates for the 2022 riding season, but what are the best Naked Bikes available?

  • CAFÉ RACER: GEAR GUIDE - In advance of the 2022 riding season, we look at some the world’s best motorcycle gear for riders of Café Racers, Retros and Cruisers.

NOVEMBER 2021.jpg


  • THE IRRESISTIBLE ALLURE OF MILANO - We meet Angelo and discuss how unique style and unexpected motorcycle journey. 

  • DUCATI SCRAMBLER 1100 SPORT PRO - It's gorgeous, Italian and exotic ... but is it any good?

  • TOP Modern Retros/Scramblers - The genre is rising in popularity, so which bikes are the best in this category? 

  • BLOODY THIEVERY - Theft is an unfortunate reality but what can we do about it? 

  • INDIAN CHALLENGER Jack Daniels - Great paint, lovely accessories but what is the appeal of these collaborations?

  • 7 WAYS TO BECOMING A BETTER RIDER - Do you know is you're any good? Here's some suggestions on how to improve..

  • STUPID THINGS RIDRES SAY - Part fun, part pathetic. Here are some of the stupidest things that riders actually say to one another. 

  • BMW OWNERSHIP - In the third of a series of articles, David looks at his new BMW R1250RT adds accessories and rides with a passenger.

  • WIND CHILL - Do we really know what it is and how do we deal with it on a motorbike?

AUGUST 2021.jpg


  • THE DEFINITIVE BRAT ROD - We interview Michael and take a look at what has to be the definitive Brat Rod based on the H-D Sportster 1200.

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER S - It's finally here. The new Sportster S. We ride it, comment on it and critique it.

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON Pan America - We have had the Pan America on long-term test. What exactly is this bike all about?

  • BMW R-18 Transcontinental - While Harley have been struggling, BMW have expanded their range of R-18s. What are the new ones like and do they have the minerals to beat Harley and Indian at their own game?

  • THE ALLURE OF CRUISERS - Why are cruisers so popular? what is about them that manages to capture so many riders?

  • RIDING OFF ROAD - We take a day-long off-road riding course. What did we learn? 

MAY 2021.jpg

MAY 2021

  • SCRAMBLED EGGS ON TOAST - We look at the updated Triumph Scrambler 1200 and the Steve McQueen limited edition model.   

  • IMPORTING A MOTORCYCLE - What’s involved when you buy a bike in the US and import it to Canada? Here what Graham has to say on the subject when it did this recently.

  • RIDING THE TRIDENT - Kath rides the 2021 Triumph Trident and provides an in-depth review.

  • MONSTER HISTORY - Ducati has given their Monster a radical make-over for 2021. But how did the Monster become such an icon? 

  • AR HELMETS - Whizzy features and heads-up displays. What is all this Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality for Helmets? 

  • KAWASAKI DESERT SLED - OMG! This is one of the very best custom-built motorcycles we've ever seen. Check out Rick’s incredible Kawasaki W650. 

  • INSPIRATIONAL LADY RIDERS - On 1st May it was International Female Riders Day. To commemorate the event, we bring you our top 5 lady ladies who inspire and motivate us.

  • BIGMOTORGASOLINE - More news form the Canadian rock band who are making quite a splash on the Canadian music scene. There’s a livestream of the gig they did and watch YouTube for more details. 

  • MONSTER GALLERY OF MONSTERS - Looking at the pictorial evolution of the Ducati Monster from 1993 to 2021.  

  • RIDING A HEAVY MOTORCYCLE - We all know that some first-time riders get their license and jump straight onto a heavy motorcycle. Here are some insights and suggestions to keep safe.

FEBRUARY 2021.jpg


  • CHOCKS AWAY GINGER! - We chat with a rider with hidden depths and a passion for historic aircraft.   

  • ’VERA’ IN THE SKY - As a complementary article, we bring you a brief history of the AVRO Lancaster - the most legendary bomber of WWII.

  • FROM A MUDDY FIELD - We focus on a delightful lady rider who’s passion for motorcycles has taken her from muddy fields to the race track and way beyond.

  • GREEN WITH ENVY - There have been some amazing racing Kawasakis over the years. Here’s a story about the resurrection of the mighty ZX-7R. 

  • FROM AWACS TO RIDE CAPTAIN - We chat with a retired RCAF veteran and discover his passion for motorcycles.

  • THE BEST 4X4XFAR? - The Land Rover Defender is an icon. We drive the new model and tell you what we think.

  • KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - With the launch of the Multistrada V4, is the BMW R1250GS still the King of the Mountain?

  • THE REBEL YELL - With Harley is disarray, Honda steams in with the Rebel 1100. Is this the right bike at the right time?

  • RIDING WITH A PASSENGER - Riding two-up is quite different from riding solo. Here’s a few thoughts before you start carrying a passenger.  

  • HAMILTON TIGER SQUADRON - We chat with Jeff Campagna and find out how Tiger Squadron inspired a bespoke jacket design.

  • NEW BIKES FOR 2021 - There are simply loads of new models for 2021. We don’t want to cover them all, so here’s the best and most notable new motorcycles for 2021.

  • RIDER RADIO ROCKS - Doug Newton is an interesting character. We talk to him about bikes and the launch of RiderRadioRocks.

NOVEMBER 2020.jpg


  • THE INDIAN CHALLENGE - We ask Indian Motorcycles to see if they can challenge our perspectives on American Cruisers.  

  • BONNEVILLE BUILD-OFF - We look at the nine finalists, and give you the results of Triumph’s Bonneville Build-off competition. 

  • AMERICAN CRUISERS - They are loud, they are brash and they are everywhere. What exactly is all the fuss about with these anachronistic lumps of Americana?

  • THE HARLEY THAT BMW BUILT - In an exclusive article, we get to ride the BMW R18 and provide our opinion. 

  • SOME OLD SH*T - What can you expect if you ride an old bike? Frustrations, headaches or something very special?

  • 'ICH BIN EIN BERLINER - We examine the BMW R18 from an alternative viewpoint. 

  • IS $500 ENOUGH? - Can we equip ourselves with great motorcycle riding gear for less than $500?

  • RIDING WITH ROYALTY - Brian tells us what it's like to be the owner of a KTM 390 Duke.  

  • GETTING ON TWO WHEELS - We meet David, and ask him about his passion for bikes and where it all started.

  • AFRAID TO LIVE - In a departure from the norm, we publish a couple of messages from our readers that gives us their perspective on why they ride. 

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 2 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. Part 1 was published in the October Issue.

AUGUST 2020.jpg


  • TRIUMPH ROCKET III - We ride the latest incarnation of the Rocket, and assess who it’s for and why it exists in the first place …

  • DAMON INNOVATION - If you thought you knew what the future of motorbikes has in store for us, take a look at this!  

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT BIKE - With so many bikes on offer, it’s a bewildering prospect to find the ideal bike for you. We offer some practical help with our in-depth guide …

  • MOTORBIKE FINANCE - How are you going to pay for that new bike? This article examines the financing options available to you.

  • OMG! IT’S THE OPP! - The Hamilton Police Service and their insights for motorcyclists …

  • SIMPLY MOTO - Buying quality motorcycle gear in Canada is surprisingly hard.  We look at a special little store that seems to have the formula exactly right.

  • BUYING A BULLET IN BENARES - Our colleague, BK Rivers, recalls a trip he took to the holy city of Benares in India, and an encounter with a Bullet.

  • HARLEY DAVIDSON V-ROD - We meet a lady who has her hands on a rather special 100th anniversary model of the V-Rod.

  • COLONIAL FRONTAGE - Back in the UK, we a visit to a café and overhear a conversation between three fascinating British ex-army officers. A story to entertain and amuse you!

  • DETOUR TO DUNDAS - We visit a delightful café in Dundas offering great coffee…

MAY 2020.jpg

MAY 2020

  • THE CORONA VIRUS - CoVid19 has had a paralyzing effect on all riders around the world. The impact of this deadly global pandemic will doubtless change all of our lives forever… 

  • HONDA CX650 CAFÉ RACER - For anyone considering a custom build project, we take a look at a wonderful cafe racer creation. This little beauty is based upon the humble Honda CX650… 

  • THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE - For aficionados of Italian exotica, we talk to bike collector Steve and discuss his fine stable of two-wheeled Italian machinery… Read More

  • TRIUMPH’S BONNEVILLES - We look at incarnations from Triumph’s Bonneville range. Which one would you choose? … 

  • GEAR GUIDE - For riders of Café Racers & Cruisers, we have suggestions for ‘gearing up’ your wardrobe… 

  • CAFFEINE & GASOLINE - We visit the Steeltown Garage Co. in Hamilton…

January 2024 cover.jpg


  • THE Big BMW RESET - We take a detailed look at the new BMW R1300GS. We look at the specs and the claims to establish whether the off-road King can maintain its crown. 

  • BMW GS, Old vs New - What are the differences between the R1250GS and the R1300GS.   

  • BMW R1300GS competitors - We take a deep dive into the competitive landscape for the R1300GS. 

  • BMW R1300GS - Forget what you see on their website, how much does this new BMW really cost?

  • ITALY vs GERMANY - We pitch the new BMW R1300GS against the Ducati Multistrada to decide which one is best..

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON FINANCIALS - Sales are down again and the prices keep going up. What’s going on at Harley-Davidson? 

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON PRICING - Their bikes cost the earth but are their actually worth the premium prices?

  • DUCATI DIAVEL BENTLEY - Ducati collaborating with Bentley? Whats all that about? We look at the result of the partnership. 

  • NORTON SPECIALS - To celebrate 125 years, Norton has released some cheeky little special edition bikes. 

  • THE UGLY BUG BALL - Are motorcycles getting uglier? We pick our top 5. 

  • EVERYONE’S A CRITIC - We look at the comments and criticism that has been levied at the new BMW R1300GS to see what people are saying about it. 

aug_sept cover.jpeg

AUG/SEPT 2023 - Pt 1

  • The Final Ride - As the season draws to a close, we reflect on that one last ride and what it means to us.     

  • Stress Buster - Riders love to go prattling on about the sense of ‘freedom’. But is their a scientific basis for all this stress-busting therapy? 

  • BMW K1600 Range - BMW’s mega-tourer comes in a variety of packages. We look at the range as an introduction to the review on the ‘GT’ version.

  • Objectification - Why is road-rage on the rise and what does it mean for anyone who ride a motorcycle? 

  • YouTubers - you’ve been asking us about our views on youTubers for ages. Here’s what we really think of this bunch of self-proclaimed

  • BMW K1600GT - Is this the world’s finest long distance touring bike. Take a look at our detailed review. 

  • GT Landscape - How does the K1600GT stack up against its rivals. Here’s the detailed competitive landscape that’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

  • BMW R1250R & RS - Here’s out detailed review of BMW’s boxer twin roadsters. Are they any good and who are they for?

cover image - April2023.jpg

APRIL 2023

  • Refresh your Helmet - In readiness for the new riding season, now’s the time to spruce up that sweaty helmet and give it a thorough spring clean. We show you how.    

  • Deadly Civil Liberties - There are riders who oppose the helmet laws and hide behind an infringement of civil liberties. We look at US helmet laws and wonder what’s going on.  

  • Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show - Take a look at our review of the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show that was held in April. It’s the third Toronto show in a row so was it worth attending?

  • TASHA - A Star is Born - We profile the newest collaborator of the Moto-Kulture team. Tasha is a top-level personal trainer but her journey to get there is fascinating. Wait until you see what Tasha has in store for you! You won’t want to miss that.

  • Sarah - Back on the Road Again - We met up with Sarah recently and she tells us all about why she’s returned to motorcycles after a long hiatus.

  • Honda’s miniMOTOs - Back by popular demand we bring you all the latest miniMOTOs from Honda. These bikes prove you can have enormous fun on a small budget. 

  • Honda SuperCub Customs - The SuperCub is the world’s top-selling bike of all time. In this pictorial we highlight some special custom versions..

  • Get Ready to Ride - Here’s our guide to help you best prepare your bike for the forthcoming riding season. 

January 2023 Cover.jpg


  • The Windchill Factor - We’ve all heard about the windchill factor, but do we really know what it is and the effect it has on riders? 

  • Packing the Panniers - Riding in winter needs special preparation. What do we recommend that you carry in your panniers to deal with common issues?  

  • Riding in Winter - How do you prepare for riding your motorcycle in winter? 

  • Toronto Motorcycle SuperShow - We attended the January SuperShow in Toronto. Last year’s event was seriously below expectations so has it managed to improve?

  • Hibernation - If you prefer not to ride in Winter, what do you need to do to tuck your bike away in storage? With a few precautions and some planning you’ll be all set.

  • Riding in Winter - Here’s a few practical tips and plenty of guidance for riding your bike in winter conditions. 

  • Heated Motorcycle Gear - We look at what’s on offer for heated gear.  Is this stuff any good, what options are available or is it all just a waste of money?

  • Gear Guide - This edition wouldn’t be complete without our guide for the best motorcycle gear for riding in Winter.

cover image aug_sep2022.jpg


  • Yamaha Ténéré 700 - We review our long-term test bike the Yamaha T7 and ask if its any good.

  • Yamaha Ténéré 700 mods - It’s far from perfect, but what are the best mods for the T7? 

  • Yamaha Ténéré - There are three models in the T7 range, but which one is the best and which one should you buy? 

  • Attack of the Clones - Just about every manufacturer is at it, so is cloning a good thing? Are there some tangible upsides and if so what are they? 

  • Yamaha MT-10SP - A naked R1 can only be a good thing … can’t it?

  • Yamaha MT-09SP - Welcome to the ugly bug ball. It’s basically all new and very heavily revised, so have Yamaha finally got the MT-09SP?

  • DUCATI STREETFIGHTER V4 - What happens when two automotive legends collaborate and build a special edition motorcycle? Here’s what Ducati and Lamborghini have done. 

  • THREE WHEELS - We profile a custom builder and see what he’s done with a BMW. Is adding that extra wheel adding anything special? 

  • YAMAHA TRACER 9GT - It’s a sports-tourer and its based on the MT-09. But is the Tracer any good? 

  • YAMAHA XSR-900 - This is the fastest modern cafe racer of them all. What do we make of the new XSR-900 from Yamaha?

magazine cover - june2022.jpg

JUNE 2022

  • RIDING A HEAVY BIKE - A beginners guide to riding a big heavy bike. What can you do to prepare and what skills do you need to have? 

  • BMW R1250RT - Part 6 of our popular series in which we put the BMW through its paces. This is day two of the grand tour.  

  • GROUP RIDING ETIQUETTE - If you want to ride with a group, there are some rules and protocol that you need to follow? \

  • MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN - Summer is upon us and so is the heat. How to keep cool, maintain your concentration and still enjoy the ride can be quite a challenge. Here’s some tips to help you beat the heat. 

  • BUYING A USED BIKE - If you’re in the market for a used bike, here’s some guidance so you don’t end up with a dud.

  • WHY WEAR RIDING GEAR? - Here’s why we wear gear every time we ride. Some of it may surprise you. 

  • TOP 10 EXCUSES - In contrast to why we wear gear, we look at the top 10 excuses that riders have given us to explain why they don’t wear gear.

april2022 cover.jpg

APRIL 2022

  • THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - Indian’s latest touring bike is called the PURSUIT and it’s fully loaded with all the creature comforts. It’s based on the Challenger platform, costs an arm and leg and is designed for effortless long distance touring. But … is it any good?

  • DUNNING KRUGER & FOMO - What’s all that about? Check out the article to find out exactly what this means for motorcycle riders.

  • APATHETIC TO ELECTRIC - Electric bikes are coming our way. This may not be a welcome development for many riders but there’s more to this silent revolution than you may imagine. Is it time to change your perception? 

  • TOP ELECTRIC BIKES - What are the most influential and important electric motorcycles that are coming down the line?  

  • DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN’S RIDE - On 22nd May the global motorcycle community will come together to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research and Men’s Mental Health. Join the ride by signing up on their website and do your bit for this worthy cause.

  • INSURANCE WOES - We all hate renewing our insurance every year. But is there anything you can do to reduce those spiralling premiums?

  • BMW OWNERSHIP - For fans of our series on BMW R1250RT ownership, we have the next instalment for you. David starts his three-day tour of Northern Ontario with a group of fellow riders.

  • THE DANGERS OF SOCIAL MEDIA - It’s everywhere, it’s pervasive and it's littered with inaccurate information. We had to publish this article that we received from one of our readers.

  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We have picked out a few of the messages that we have received from you. If you like these we will make this a regular feature from here on in.

  • GARAGE DOOR MODS - If you have a Garage with an electric opener, you might want to read this.

  • GETTING FAR TOO JIGGY WITH IT -  The Slap at this year’s Oscars may seem trivial but maybe  there’s a lesson for us. 

  • TORONTO MOTORCYCLE SHOW -  We went along to the first show in 2 years. But was it any good and did it meet expectations? 

jan2022 cover.jpg


  • COOL BRITANNIA - We take a detailed look at the British motorcycle industry and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you see?

  • BEST RETROS - The market for retro-styled bikes has never been better. We take a look at the ones that are new or updated for 2022.

  • WHAT’S OLD IS NEW AGAIN - We take a look at cafe racer and scrambler style motorbikes. Are they faithful to the genre or a pale imitation? 

  • TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE - In two separate articles we review the Top 10 most expensive motorbikes that were sold in Europe and North America last year.  

  • ABSOLUTE POWER - When exactly did 200bhp become normalized? We look at what this all means from a somewhat technical perspective.

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON UPDATES - We bring you the updates for the Harley-Davidson line up for the 2022 model year.

  • THE BEST ADVENTURE BIKES - We provide our list of the best adventure touring bikes of 2022.

  • LEARNING THE LINGO - An anthology of motorcycle terms to help you sound like an expert.

OCTOBER 2021_edited.jpg


  • THE TORONTO CHANTEUSE - We interview Joanne about her fund-raising, her singing and her love of motorcycles. 

  • ADULTERY WITHOUT GUILT - In a rare treat, we speak to Robert about his adulterous affairs with his two garage babes. A Honda CB750 and a magnificent Caterham Super 7.

  • TRUE GRIT - Graham chats with Nick about his life-changing experience and how his passion for motorcycling endures.

  • WHEN TWO TRIBES GO TO WAR - We take a look at Mods, Rockers and British youth culture in the 1950s and 1960s. 

  • THE ACE CAFE - It’s probably the most famous biker cafe in the world. We look at the origins of the ACE Cafe.

  • WHAT IS A CAFE RACER? - We have all heard the term, but what exactly is a Café Racer?

  • BMW OWNERSHIP - In the second of a series of articles, David looks at his new BMW R1250RT from an owners perspective.. 

  • TRIUMPH SPEED TRIPLE 1200RR - Our first impressions review of the 1200RR.

  • KAWASAKI Z650RS - we review Kawasaki’s baby ‘Z’. Is this a pale reflection of its mighty sibling (Z900RS) or is it something unique? 

  • BIKES FOR MODS & ROCKERS - What were the bikes that the Mods and Rockers rode in the 1960s? .

  • TROUBLE GETTING IT UP? - easy technique for lifting the bike onto the stand.

JULY 2021.jpg

JULY 2021

  • SMARTPHONE NAVIGATION APPS - What are the top choices and are they any good?

  • SMARTPHONE VS GPS - If you are looking for a satellite navigation system which one is best? Do you pick a Smartphone App or a dedicated GPS?

  • WHY DO WE WEAR GEAR? - We go through the reasons why it's essential to wear protective motorcycle gear.

  • EXCUSES, EXCUSES - What are some of the reasons that riders use to justify why they don't wear gear?  

  • THE REAL COST OF RIDING - If you thought owning and riding a motorcycle was inexpensive, have a look at this. 

  • OLD DUKES NEVER DIE - We chat with an expert restorer who is keeping old Ducatis alive.

  • A RARE OPPORTUNITY - You've seen these bikes before, but now you have the chance to actually own one.

  • LIFE LESSONS - What can riding a motorcycle teach us about life? 

April 2021.jpg

APRIL 2021

  • WHO RIDES BIKES?- We take a light-hearted look at the different types of riders. Which category are you?   

  • WHERE DID ALL THE PLASTICS GO? - A commentary on the world of motorbike fairings and the impact on insurance premiums.

  • WHAT’S THE MEANING OF COLOUR? - Ever wondered why so many bikes are black? What does colour say about you and your bike?

  • RIDERS PERSONALITY TRAITS - What are the personality traits of riders? We chat with Dr. Evan Jones of Bristol University to get some insights. 

  • CB or NOT CB? - In a follow-up article from February 2021’s edition, we look at Craigs complete collection of 1970s Honda CBs. 

  • INDIAN CHIEF - The new 2021 Indian Chief is here. We ride it. Is it any good? 

  • THE CAPTAIN & THE TAIL GUNNER - Leading group rides is hard.  John tells us what’s involved to be a good Ride Captain.

  • MOTORCYCLE REPUBLIC - Let’s introduce you to Mathieu. He’s a Master Technician who’s putting customer service first. 

  • RESTLESS AND UNSTOPPABLE - We interview Jon, a 66 year old rider who’s simply unstoppable. He rides no matter what.  

  • LADIES MOTORCYCLE JACKETS - Kath brings us a terrific article about the best motorcycle jackets designed specifically for ladies.

  • BEST SMALL CAPACITY BIKES - These bikes may be small in capacity but they are big in capability. Here's the best small/medium bikes for 2021

JANUARY 2021.jpg


  • RIDING IN WINTER - Some do it, some won’t even dream of doing it. But can you ride in the depths of winter?  

  • PROJECT TEAM BUILDING - We take a look at a project that’s in the planning phase that could genuinely make a difference.

  • DO LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES? - Is this an urban myth or is there any truth behind it?

  • THE BRONX - We take a look at the bike Harley should be building, and hope that they still will.

  • GROUP RIDING ETIQUETTE - What do you need to know about group riding?

  • THINGS NOBODY TELLS NEW RIDERS - Riding a motorbike is a dream for many people, but what does nobody tells you about before you take the plunge?

  • HARLEY-DAVIDSON PAN AMERICA - A look at the upcoming PanAmerica launch.

  • A RACER IN THE MAKING - Megan interviews a talented young lady with aspirations on becoming a motorbike racer.

  • BUYING A USED MOTORBIKE - When buying a second-hand motorbike, how do you make sure you don’t end up with a lemon?

  • TRIUMPH TRIDENT - One of our contributors went all the way to Tenerife to ride the new Trident. Hear what they have to say about it.

  • MOTORCYCLE PASSIONS - We publish a  message from our readers, giving us their perspective on motorcycling. This is a segment that is proving very popular with our readers.  

  • REVISITING THE PAST - Here is Part 4 of Marcus White’s book ‘Looking for Good’. This time, he visits Derbyshire, UK on the road less travelled.  Parts 1, 2 & 3 were originally published in our October, November & December Editions.

OCTOBER 2020.jpg


  • ADVENTURE BIKES - What’s all the fuss about and why is this such a growth sector

  • TOP 10 HEAVY-WEIGHTS - We look at finest Adventure-Touring bikes in the premier heavyweight category. Forget the hype from the manufacturers … which ones are the really the best?  

  • HIBERNATION - Are you putting your bike away for winter? This guide will give you some practical advice on keeping the bike in tip-top condition until the spring.

  • TOP 5 MIDDLE-WEIGHTS - In that sector between lightweight off-road machines and heavyweight continental tourers there exists the middleweight dual-sport bikes. We try five of them and provide our verdict.

  • WHY HAVE A BIKE IN CANADA? - For about five months a year, Canada’s climate is at odds with motorcycles. We ask if there’s any point owning a bike in Canada.

  • TOP 8 LIGHT-WEIGHTS - If you fancy a spot of adventure-touring why buy anything other than a lightweight? Are these smaller bikes up to the task?

  • GEAR GUIDE FOR COLD WEATHER - We provide our guide for the finest riding gear when the weather turns decidedly chilly.

  • PACKING THE PANNIERS - What do you pack in those panniers for trouble-free adventure-touring?

JULY 2020.jpg

JULY 2020

  • GET LOST! -  We visit Backroad Motor Coffee Company near Toronto …  

  • GO YOUR OWN WAY! - We interview a fascinating lady who's living her life her way, and sharing her experiences on YouTube …

  • MOTORCYCLE ART - We interview the owner of two spectacular MV Agustas …

  • A RIDER AND AN ARTIST - A motorcyclist with some amazing hidden talents…

  • A TIME OF HEROES - We meet an Australian, living in Canada, riding a simply lovely 1941 American Indian Scout 741. With such an eclectic mix of cultural influences we wondered what’s behind the story?

  • PARADISE LOST? - One of our friends shares his reminiscing of a time before CoVid-19 and a memorable trip to the Azores …

  • THE FUTURE OF MOTORCYCLING (Part 1) - Motorcycling is a dynamic and fragile industry. In this first of a series of articles, we put motorcycling under the microscope to analyze the trends and look to the future.

  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! - We look at the state of Canadian Motorcycle Insurance and compare this with Europe. Why are we being ripped off?

  • GEAR GUIDE - When the weather gets hotter than a snakes ass ... what can you do to keep cool? We look at some specialized gear and offer some practical advice.

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