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Welcome to the June 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture Magazine


NEWS IN BRIEF - We bring you a quick review of the top monthly news from the world of motorcycling. 


DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN’S RIDE - We participate in the 2021 DGR, meet new friends and try to our bit for this worthy cause. 


LIVING WITH THE BMW R-18 - It’s the latest entrant onto the big cruiser stage, but what is the German heavy metal cruiser like to live with?


ONE CRAZY EIGHT - We interview Kyle and talk to him about blasting his Hayabusa down the Drag-Strip.


SERVICE, WHAT SERVICE? - We take a look at the impact that CoVid has had on the motorcycle industry. How this has affected customer service.  


EUROPE HITS HARLEY HARD - The EU has just imposed a 56% import duty on Harley-Davidson. What does it mean and could this mark Harley’s demise in Europe? 


YAMAHA R7 - The new R7 from Yamaha may not be the track-focused missile of its predecessor but just how good is it?


7 MOTORCYCLE MYTHS - We’re heard them all, but what’s the reality of some of the myths that surround the world of motorcycling?


11 THINGS NOBODY TELLS YOU - You’re just amount to embark on the wonderful world of motorcycles. But what are some of the things that nobody bothered to tell you about the sport? 


PACKING YOUR BIKE FOR A ROAD TRIP - If you’re considering embarking on a motorcycle road trip, here are some tips and advice for packing your motorcycle so that you take what you need - and leave behind what you don’t..  


A LIFE MANY MAY NOT UNDERSTAND - We all ride for many different reasons, here’s what Doug has to say about the matter


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