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Welcome to Moto-Kulture:

We are a global digital publication, focused on bringing you stories from within the exciting world of motorcycling.

Our mission is to capture the passions that drive the motorcycle community. The personalities, the bikes, the places and the businesses that all make the riding lifestyle so very special. 

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SEPTEMBER 2021 Edition of Moto-Kulture Magazine!

Diversity and inclusion!


In this month's edition we bring you a diverse range of articles. We have two light-hearted pieces that we hope you will enjoy. In the first, we look at some of the most unusual Motorcycle accessories that you can buy on Amazon. In the second, we uncover some of the stupidest questions that, as riders, we often get asked. 


Next we take a look at an ultra-rare BMW Boxer Cup and even get to ride it. A member of our team has just purchased a BMWR1250RT. In the first of a series of articles, we will take a deep dive into all aspects of this amazing bike. In a special ride review we look at the Kawasaki Versys 650LT. Is this middle-weight semi off-roader actually any good? 


There's also a feature on a Toronto-based scooter club that's called the Piper Doves. We interview the founder and get a flavour of 1960s vintage 'Mod' style ... plus lots more! 

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ALL THE NEW BIKES FOR 2021 ... well not quite!

In this special supplementary issue of Moto-Kulture Magazine, we feature many of the new bikes for 2021.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, It seems that the manufacturers have been very busy indeed. Just about every on of them have announced new bikes for the 2021 riding season. There's plenty of new sports bikes, tourers, cruisers, cafe racers and a whole host of adventure bikes. 

It is virtually impossible to cover every single new bike in this issue, but why would we want to? Many of the 'new' models are actually enhancements to existing models to make them Euro 5 compliant. These bikes are not included in this list at all.

Please let us have your comments, and let us know which bikes you want us to cover in detail in forthcoming issues.

Drop us a line and let us know.




"Thanks for the help!" 

Kate S. Toronto (Canada)

I was new to riding and needed advice. Moto-Kulture were super-helpful. I got the right bike, the right gear and inspiring stories of other riders.


"Highly recommended!"

Roger L. Vancouver (Canada)

These guys know what they're talking about and it shows. The quality of writing is amazing and the articles are so different from everyone else's  Highly recommend you check them out. 

"A breath of fresh air!"

Bill G. London (UK)

At last, a mag I can listen to as well as read. So Rad!

I get to enjoy driving to work. 

Thanks guys!


"It's about time!"

Michael R. New York (USA) 

It's about time somebody gave me a bike magazine that I can't wait to read.

The stories about the riders are epic.

Make it more than one issue a month please!