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Moto-Kulture: August 2021




HARLEY-DAVIDSON PAN AMERICA - Now most of the fuss has died down we ride the Pan America and put it through its paces. Is it actually all that’s its cracked up to be? 


PAN AMERICA - To compete the Pan America picture, we provide our initial thoughts and impression from March 2021. Is what we said then still valid?


HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER S - Another new bike from Harley. This is the replacement for the Sportster. Here’s our initial impressions. 


HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER S - In order to bring balance to our commentary, here is an alternative perspective in the new Sportster. 


THE DEFINITIVE BRAT ROD - Here’s a real treat as we interview a Harley technician and look at the remarkable transformation he has made to a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200.


WHAT’S WITH AMERICAN CRUISERS - We look at the popularity and unique allure of the big, brash America cruiser. 


OFF-ROAD TRAINING - David attends an off-road rider course and tells us about the experience and what he learned. 


A BEVY OF BERLIN BEAUTIES - As BMW intensify their assault on the American cruiser market, we take a look at their two latest bikes that are both based on the R-18 platform. 



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