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In this amazing Yamaha special edition, we review some of Yamaha's best motorcycles. We provide you with very detailed analysis of each of the bikes that we have ridden, compare it to the rivals and provide you with our insights and objective views. We also tell you what we like and dislike about each bike. 


This is, by far, the most comprehensive series of reviews available anywhere - all designed to give you all of the information you will need to make a buying decision. 


The bikes that we have reviewed are the Ténéré 700, the MT-09SP, the MT-10SP, the XSR-900, the Tracer 9GT, the YZF-R7, the FJR-1300. We also compare the XSR-900 to the MT-09SP and let you know which model Ténéré 700 we would buy.


At Moto-Kulture, we have a reputation for asking the hard questions, cutting through the manufacturers marketing hype and focusing on telling it like it is. Unlike so many other publications, we are not influenced by the manufacturers and this enables us to provide the you with entirely unbiased, honest narrative to give you the information you really want to know. In preparing these articles, we would like to express our thanks to Yamaha for their unprecedented levels of support and cooperation.

Yamaha Special Edition

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