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Welcome to the FEBRUARY 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


With a distinctly aviation theme, we challenge convention once again!

  • CHOCKS AWAY GINGER! - We chat with a rider with hidden depths and a passion for historic aircraft.   

  • ’VERA’ IN THE SKY - As a complementary article, we bring you a brief history of the AVRO Lancaster - the most legendary bomber of WWII.

  • FROM A MUDDY FIELD - We focus on a delightful lady rider who’s passion for motorcycles has taken her from muddy fields to the race track and way beyond.

  • GREEN WITH ENVY - There have been some amazing racing Kawasakis over the years. Here’s a story about the resurrection of the mighty ZX-7R. 

  • FROM AWACS TO RIDE CAPTAIN - We chat with a retired RCAF veteran and discover his passion for motorcycles.

  • THE BEST 4X4XFAR? - The Land Rover Defender is an icon. We drive the new model and tell you what we think.

  • KING OF THE MOUNTAIN - With the launch of the Multistrada V4, is the BMW R1250GS still the King of the Mountain?

  • THE REBEL YELL - With Harley is disarray, Honda steams in with the Rebel 1100. Is this the right bike at the right time?

  • RIDING WITH A PASSENGER - Riding two-up is quite different from riding solo. Here’s a few thoughts before you start carrying a passenger.  

  • HAMILTON TIGER SQUADRON - We chat with Jeff Campagna and find out how Tiger Squadron inspired a bespoke jacket design.

  • NEW BIKES FOR 2021 - There are simply loads of new models for 2021. We don’t want to cover them all, so here’s the best and most notable new motorcycles for 2021.

  • RIDER RADIO ROCKS - Doug Newton is an interesting character. We talk to him about bikes and the launch of RiderRadioRocks.


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