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Welcome to the APRIL 2021 Issue of Moto-Kulture!



  • WHO RIDES BIKES?- We take a light-hearted look at the different types of riders. Which category are you?   

  • WHERE DID ALL THE PLASTICS GO? - A commentary on the world of motorbike fairings and the impact on insurance premiums.

  • WHAT’S THE MEANING OF COLOUR? - Ever wondered why so many bikes are black? What does colour say about you and your bike?

  • RIDERS PERSONALITY TRAITS - What are the personality traits of riders? We chat with Dr. Evan Jones of Bristol University to get some insights. 

  • CB or NOT CB? - In a follow-up article from February 2021’s edition, we look at Craigs complete collection of 1970s Honda CBs. 

  • INDIAN CHIEF - The new 2021 Indian Chief is here. We get to ride the thing and ask whether it’s actually any good.

  • THE CAPTAIN & THE TAIL GUNNER - Leading group rides is an important role and often taken for granted. John tells us what’s involved to be a good Ride Captain.

  • MOTORCYCLE REPUBLIC - Let’s introduce you to Mathieu. He’s a Master Technician who’s putting customer service back into motorcycle servicing in Southern Ontario. 

  • RESTLESS AND UNSTOPPABLE - We interview Jon, a 66 year old rider who’s simply unstoppable. No matter what challenge life throws in his way, he finds a way to get on his bike.  

  • LADIES MOTORCYCLE JACKETS - Kath brings us a terrific article about the best motorcycle jackets designed specifically for ladies.

  • BEST SMALL CAPACITY BIKES - These bikes may be small in capacity but they are big in capability. Here's the best small and medium sized bikes for 2021


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