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In this second BMW special edition, we have a decided to focus exclusively on BMW’s K1600s, the S1000XR and the all-new, all-electric CE-04. We look at all of these bikes in detail and provide you our insights and objective views.  We look at the competitive landscape and detail what we likes and dislike about each of the models.


With the rapid growth of the electric motorcycle market, we take the opportunity to look at the issues that these silent machine face. We also bring our the Top 10 electric bikes that we think are the most likely to make a difference in the market.


At Moto-Kulture, we have a reputation for asking the hard questions, cutting through the manufacturers marketing hype and focusing on telling it like it is. Unlike so many other publications, we are not influenced by the manufacturers and this enables us to provide the you with entirely unbiased, honest narrative to give you the information you really want to know. In preparing these articles, we would like to express our thanks to BMW Motorrad for their unprecedented levels of support and cooperation

BMW Special Edition Pt 2

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