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JULY 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • GET LOST! -  We visit Backroad Motor Coffee Company near Toronto …  

  • GO YOUR OWN WAY! - We interview a fascinating lady who's living her life her way, and sharing her experiences on YouTube …

  • MOTORCYCLE ART - We interview the owner of two spectacular MV Agustas …

  • A RIDER AND AN ARTIST - A motorcyclist with some amazing hidden talents…

  • A TIME OF HEROES - We meet an Australian, living in Canada, riding a simply lovely 1941 American Indian Scout 741. With such an eclectic mix of cultural influences we wondered what’s behind the story?

  • PARADISE LOST? - One of our friends shares his reminiscing of a time before CoVid-19 and a memorable trip to the Azores …

  • THE FUTURE OF MOTORCYCLING (Part 1) - Motorcycling is a dynamic and fragile industry. In this first of a series of articles, we put motorcycling under the microscope to analyze the trends and look to the future.

  • ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! - We look at the state of Canadian Motorcycle Insurance and compare this with Europe. Why are we being ripped off?

  • GEAR GUIDE - When the weather gets hotter than a snakes ass ... what can you do to keep cool? We look at some specialized gear and offer some practical advice.

AUGUST 2020 Issue of Moto-Kulture!


  • TRIUMPH ROCKET III - We ride the latest incarnation of the Rocket, and assess who it’s for and why it exists in the first place …

  • DAMON INNOVATION - If you thought you knew what the future of motorbikes has in store for us, take a look at this!  

  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT BIKE - With so many bikes on offer, it’s a bewildering prospect to find the ideal bike for you. We offer some practical help with our in-depth guide …

  • MOTORBIKE FINANCE - How are you going to pay for that new bike? This article examines the financing options available to you.

  • OMG! IT’S THE OPP! - The Hamilton Police Service and their insights for motorcyclists …

  • SIMPLY MOTO - Buying quality motorcycle gear in Canada is surprisingly hard.  We look at a special little store that seems to have the formula exactly right.

  • BUYING A BULLET IN BENARES - Our colleague, BK Rivers, recalls a trip he took to the holy city of Benares in India, and an encounter with a Bullet.

  • HARLEY DAVIDSON V-ROD - We meet a lady who has her hands on a rather special 100th anniversary model of the V-Rod.

  • COLONIAL FRONTAGE - Back in the UK, we a visit to a café and overhear a conversation between three fascinating British ex-army officers. A story to entertain and amuse you!

  • DETOUR TO DUNDAS - We visit a delightful café in Dundas offering great coffee…



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